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A personal note from Guy Brown

You’re going through a tough time. No doubt about it. You didn’t plan on being arrested. But it happened. And now that you’re in this spot, you have to choose who will defend you. It’s the first step, and the most urgent step. The wrong choice can alter your life forever. You need experience behind you. How about twenty years’ worth. More than 100 jury trials. A track record of either reduced sentences or dismissed charges? Because that’s what it takes.

But if you’re looking for an attorney who will defend you and forget you, you need to keep looking. I get that whatever got you here has been painful. I get that your past is hurting your present. But belief in yourself today will turn around your future. That I know. If you’re ready to work on a defense, then good. If you’re ready to work on yourself and your future along with it, then call me or fill out this online form (to the right) and let’s get started.

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A Different Kind of Phoenix Criminal Attorney

The most crucial part of any criminal defense is the decision you make about the criminal attorney you want to lead your fight. There are hundreds of options and often it can be difficult to figure out what makes one lawyer better than the other, particularly when your situation is urgent and your life is at a crossroads. Putting your fate in another’s hands may be the scariest thing you have ever had to face, and you may be wondering how you are supposed to make such an overwhelming decision. Guy Brown wants the answer to this question to be clear cut.

More than any other attorney, Guy wants to assure his client their lives mean something. They can turn things around. He knows that they have made some bad decisions in the past. Now they need an experienced and successful Phoenix criminal attorney – that goes without saying. What Guy understands better than other defense attorneys is that his clients don’t just need an criminal lawyer; they need a strong person that can guide them towards a personal transformation. What got you here, isn’t working. Guy Brown offers you hope.

With individual attention and the compassion of a friend, Guy not only wants to win the case for his clients, but also wants to see them find a new path on the way to the future. It won’t be easy. In fact, it is more likely that Guy will push you further and harder than any other average criminal defense attorney would ever dare. But at the end of all that hard work, Guy knows that his clients often come out better and stronger individuals. What’s more, the relationship he builds with his clients makes Guy so much more than just another lawyer; he is the friend you can trust to fight for your future. Call today 602-396-7114.

Why Choose Guy Brown PLLC?

  • Skilled, experienced and knows the system
  • Personal attention and compassion
  • Solid track record of dismissed cases and reduced charges
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Courtroom expertise in jury trials
  • Free evaluation
  • Always available
  • Criminal defense focus
  • Honest, straight answers to your questions
  • Bilingual team
  • Certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for DUI cases

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