Arizona Fraud Lawyer

Fraud carries with it the moral implication of wrongdoing as well as legal ramifications. A person may commit fraud for a variety of reasons, most of which relate to an attempt to gain income through nefarious means. In Arizona fraud carries stiff penalty, and navigating and negotiating these … [Read more...]

DUI Laws in Arizona

Driving drunk is very dangerous, so all states and municipalities have severe penalties in an attempt to prevent it. However, because circumstances are not exactly the same for every driver, there are a few different categories of drunk driving, or more correctly, “driving under the influence of … [Read more...]

Finding a Good Arizona DUI Lawyer

Arizona takes drunk driving very seriously. While some states may give a comparative slap on the wrist, Arizona tends to have much more of a no-tolerance policy. For anyone not of legal drinking age, there is a penalty for operating a motor vehicle with any amount of alcohol in the system. You … [Read more...]

The Difference Between Degrees of Murder in Arizona

Murder has been a punishable crime in virtually every known society throughout history. In ancient societies, and in some places in present-day, murder was punished by the family or close friends of the victim, often in an eye-for-eye type of way. In civilized societies such as modern America, … [Read more...]

Felony Larceny and other Types of Theft Explained

Felonies come in all shapes and sizes. There are a quite wide array of thefts and different penalties for many different crimes that can all be boiled down to taking something that doesn’t belong to you. Furthermore, various states have their own definitions of what constitutes a given … [Read more...]

What is the difference between assault and battery?

This article will explain what the difference between assault and battery is.  As with anything in the law, the difference lies within their respective definitions. An assault is any reasonable threat to a person. Believe it or not, an assault doesn’t actually mean a person needs to be physically … [Read more...]

Arizona Restraining Order Violations

If you have had a restraining order taken out against you in Arizona, then you are legally bound to its terms whether you are guilty or innocent. Since restraining orders are legally binding, violating its guidelines can cause any number of unwanted penalties – and in some cases, these penalties can … [Read more...]

Arizona Hit and Run Charges

Under Arizona law, leaving the scene of an accident (or a “hit and run”) has the potential to become a felony if it meets certain criteria. In essence, when a person is involved in an accident (whether they are at fault or not), it is the responsibility of all parties involved to stop at a … [Read more...]

Working With Your Phoenix DUI Lawyer

In the state of Arizona, driving under the influence (DUI) and driving while intoxicated (DWI) are treated as the same offense.  Either way, the state takes this offense very seriously.  Statistics show that drunk driving incidents accounted for almost one third of all driving related fatalities in … [Read more...]

Overcome with a Phoenix Homicide Attorney

Homicide. It is one of our society’s most taboo actions and is pegged with a cultural stigma. Being charged with homicide means you could be faced with severe punishments, including life imprisonment with/without parole, the death penalty, fines, and other penalties. The severity of punishment … [Read more...]