Finding a Good Arizona DUI Lawyer

Arizona takes drunk driving very seriously. While some states may give a comparative slap on the wrist, Arizona tends to have much more of a no-tolerance policy.

For anyone not of legal drinking age, there is a penalty for operating a motor vehicle with any amount of alcohol in the system. You could have 0.0001% BAC, but if you’re not old enough to legally drink in Arizona, you’ll get a fine, jail time or perhaps a suspended license. Because of the psychological and societal implications with giving a minor a criminal record, but because of the need to penalize underage drunk driving, there is often quite a bit of variance for the first offense of an underage DUI. A good Phoenix DUI lawyer will be able to negotiate with the judge, to reduce the sentence to something manageable. Often a rehabilitation program or permanent suspension of sentencing is possible.

For those of legal drinking age, the penalty for DUI is still severe in Arizona. For a first offense, jail time, expensive fines, loss of license for a year, installation of an ignition interlock system (that prevents operation of the vehicle without the input of sober breath) are all possible penalties that a judge may order. Your best course of action is to partner with an experienced Arizona DUI lawyer, such as Guy Brown, to achieve the most satisfactory deal possible. For a second offense, the penalties are a bit stiffer. Jail time is longer and less negotiable. Fines are higher, and the license will be revoked. The ignition interlock device becomes mandatory.

Guy Brown has extensive experience as an attorney takes Arizona DUI and other cases. His aggressive style and no-nonsense approach are what you need to make a positive impression on the courtroom. This Arizona lawyer’s cases range from those accused of rape, homicide and DUI to other criminal charges. Contact Guy for more information, and for expert legal counsel.