Our Mission


You don’t find your calling. Your calling finds you.

“God is tired of seeing you sit on the fence.
He’s given you talents, and he wants you to go out and use them.”

A co-worker said those words to Guy Brown and his life was changed forever. Guy was a struggling lawyer, not particularly happy or fulfilled, just getting by. He was doing his job, but he wasn’t doing his life’s work. He didn’t even know he had a life’s work. But once he heard those words, his calling found him, and Guy discovered, quite unexpectedly that his work as a criminal defense attorney is his means to a very important end: Transforming the lives of people who are often forgotten, but who need a second chance the most. It’s why he works so hard for his clients. It’s why he is so demanding. It’s why he is effective. To Guy, your defense is more than a case, it’s a mission.