Phoenix Embezzlement Attorney

Phoenix, Arizona Embezzlement Attorney | Guy Brown PLLCNoted as an elite Arizona criminal lawyer as well as a leading Arizona embezzlement attorney, Guy has had favorable results defending individuals charged with white collar crimes. In one case, Guy’s client was accused of embezzling over $300,000. The prosecutor offered Guy’s client mandatory prison time, as required by law. Guy investigated the case and found compelling reasons for the prosecutor to reduce the sentence. As a result, Guy got the charges reduced from several years in prison to only 12 months in county jail, as a condition of his client’s probation.

While his end results are the ultimate testament to his abilities, Guy’s clients know that he is there for them through the difficult process of litigation and negotiation. His knowledge, compassion, and professionalism make Guy not only an excellent Phoenix embezzlement attorney, but allow him to serve his clients above and beyond other attorneys in the state.

Guy’s experience has taught him how to effectively defend his clients as well as give them a shoulder to lean on in their weakest moments. He is not just an Arizona embezzlement attorney to his clients; he is their friend. With that Guy treats every case like he was defending his own family. Answering calls and giving advice at even the latest hours of the night, Guy gives the cool and collected sense of hope to his clients so that they have the confidence to persevere.