Phoenix Fraud Attorney

Phoenix, Arizona Fraud Attorney | Guy Brown PLLCNoted as an elite Arizona criminal lawyer as well as a leading Arizona fraud attorney, Guy has had a number of favorable results defending individuals charged with white collar crimes. In one case, Guy’s client was facing over 20 years in federal prison and a $500,000 fine for transactional money laundering and fraud. Guy’s persevering representation resulted in his client only serving 5 years probation with modest probation related fines. No prison time.

While his end results are the ultimate testament to his abilities, Guy’s clients know that he is there for them through the entire litigation and negotiation process. More than just another Phoenix fraud attorney, Guy’s compassion for his clients, his drive for successful results, and his unrelenting determination allow him to serve his clients above and beyond. Such a dramatic difference in attitude compared to many other attorneys makes certain that Guy’s clients can change their lives for better, not just beat the charge in front of them.

Guy’s experience has taught him the value of personally connecting with clients. His success is often dependent on the trust and the bond that is built between him and his clients. He is not just a Phoenix fraud attorney to his clients; he is their friend. Guy treats every case like he was defending his own family and his success rates prove it. No matter what the time of day or night, Guy is there for clients to provide a sense of hope so that they too have the confidence to persevere through this challenging time in their life.