Phoenix Hit & Run Attorney

Phoenix Hit & Run Attorney | Guy Brown PLLCAt moments of panic and anxiety, people can make mistakes. Guy Brown knows this better than most, and as an elite Arizona hit and run attorney, he believes that everyone deserves a second chance to rectify their decisions and start down a more positive path in life. Few attorneys share the same dedication and commitment to excellence that Guy maintains. With integrity and a calm sense of encouragement, Guy’s unique abilities to empathize and fight tirelessly for his clients are unmatched.

A hit and run offense is a serious charge and can result in significant jail time. Guy has years of experience as a Phoenix hit and run attorney, and his respected reputation throughout the state has allowed him to negotiate for reduced sentences for many of his clients. What’s more is that Guy not only offers the legal advice and strategy his clients need for him to be successful in the courtroom, he offers the strong shoulder of a friend who wants to see his clients better their lives.

Unlike any other Arizona hit and run attorney, Guy takes his clients’ cases personally. His knowledge, experience and comforting approach will remove the added stress of worrying about “getting the right lawyer” and allow the clients and their family to focus on supporting one another through this difficult time. Crisis does not sleep and if the situation calls for it, neither will Guy. Most important to Guy is the success of his client.