Reasons Why People Choose Guy Brown

You’ll have your own reasons, but here are a few more:

Guy’s Reputation

He’s skilled. He’s experienced. He knows the system. Tough defense counsel can motivate prosecutors to dismiss cases or reduce charges.

Guy’s Compassion

You get personal attention. A lot of attorneys say that, but Guy means it. Beyond a good defense you get tools to transform your life.

Guy’s Results

The bottom line is that Guy has a track record of dismissed cases or reduced charges for hundreds of clients.

Guy’s Availability

Tough moments don’t care about office hours. That’s why Guy’s clients can call his mobile phone any time day or night. And he answers.

Guy’s Free Evaluation

Let’s try each other on for size. Guy will look at your case, get to know you and then together you can decide if there’s a good fit. We’re selective and you should be too.

Guy’s Defense Law Focus

It takes focus to become good at anything. Guy is in court almost every day, defending people charged with felonies and misdemeanors. It’s what he does. But he’s also transforming lives every day. It’s his calling.

Guy’s DUI Certification

Defending DUI cases is tricky business. It’s also serious business. Guy’s certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing. That comes in very handy for clients charged with DUI.

Guy’s No-Nonsense Communication Style

If you have questions. Guy will answer them honestly and directly. He also will tell you the truth, not what you want to hear. He’s tough, but you need that now.

Guy’s Courtroom Expertise

If your case goes to court, you want an attorney who knows how to prepare for and lead a jury trial. Guy’s at his best in the courtroom.

Guy’s Years of Experience

The last thing you need is a novice standing up and defending your future. You want experience, 20 years’ experience. Enough said.

Guy’s Bilingual Team

Communication barriers are not an option when it comes to defending you. Both English and Spanish are spoken here.