So You’ve Been Charged With Larceny…

Legal services are sometimes a scary path to navigate. You’ve been accused of a crime, and maybe you’re innocent and maybe you’re guilty. In any case, you realize what you’ve done was a mistake, but there’s no going back. You can’t undo what’s been done, you wish you could just turn back time and do-over that conversation that went so horribly, or re-live that moment that led to an outburst that you now deeply regret.

Looking at a situation from the outside makes it easier to make decisions. Anger in the moment makes such decisions a lot more confusing. Committing a crime is a tragedy for all parties involved. The victim of course loses everything, but the accused often does as well. One of the drawbacks to a punitive system is that it seeks to exact from the accused just what he took from the victim – a life. It might not be ideal, but it’s what we have.

As a professional and experienced criminal lawyer, I’ll represent you whether you’ve committed the crime or not. My goal is that your life is changed, and that can only happen if you’re not locked away in a box for a few decades or get your life savings stripped away. I want you to get a second chance at a fresh start, and that starts by alleviating the sentence against you as much as possible.

For example, perhaps you’ve been charged with larceny. There are many types of larceny in the United States legal system, and Arizona has defined various types of larceny in various ways. These various types of larceny are treated by the Arizona court system as different crimes, each with its own specific punishment. Sometimes the punishment is a fine, other times it’s incarceration, sometimes both.

Or consider homicide. Murder, manslaughter, voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, accidental death – there are more than a few ways to define the killing of one person by another. Some of these carry heavy penalties; others do not, and many more are somewhere in between.

My job is to present your case to the prosecution in such a way that the situation comes out best for you. The ultimate goal is acquittal, a not-guilty verdict by the judge or jury. But, in many cases, a bargain is a more attainable mark to hit. By redefining your crime, and painting your actions in a less malicious light that the prosecution, it’s often possible to downgrade a charge, resulting in a lesser penalty. Of course, each case is unique. I’d like to sit down and talk to you about the options we have in defending you and getting you back to a normal life.