In our clients’ own words.

"Simply amazing….you are my hero!"

“I don’t want a day to go by without telling you that you are my hero! I thank God that he answered my prayers and brought me to you. Amazing!”

Client’s mother
Phoenix, Arizona

“How did you work your magic here?”

“Whatever did you do to get them to dismiss all the charges? All I can say is THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.”

Stephanie T.
Phoenix, Arizona

“Thank you for saving my life”

“When I was charged with a crime I did not commit, I did not know what to do. I didn’t know who to turn to for help. I fell to my knees in tears and asked God to help. The next day when I checked the mail the only thing in my box was a pamphlet from Guy Brown. I believe by the grace of God, Guy was brought into my life.
My life, my freedom, my career and everything I had worked for was at stake. Guy took my case seriously, defending me aggressively as if he were defending a member of his own family. As we went through the legal procedure, Guy was upfront and real with me about what was going on. He treated me with dignity and respect and always had my best interests at heart. Guy and his team of attorneys and investigators worked tirelessly for a full year on my case. On July 27, 2011, I received a personal phone call from Guy informing me that my case had been dismissed. We won! I not only found a great attorney, but I found a life-long friend. I can say without a doubt that had I not hired Guy, my case would have turned out differently.”

Aaron S.
Scottsdale, Arizona

“I believed in him from the very beginning”

“When I was arrested, I was looking at a 35 year prison term. My public defender was only able to get the plea offer down to 17 years because the prosecution had an air tight case against me. While I was in jail, someone had referred me to Guy Brown and he came highly recommended. My family met with him and hired him to represent me. He came to see me the next night and told me to get a good night’s sleep because he was on it.
Guy coordinated an amazing defense team with a private investigator and refused to give up fighting. My gratitude for these people is almost too hard to express in just words. I was very fortunate to have them in my corner. It took a long time to resolve my case, just like Guy said it would, but on the day of my sentencing, I was sentenced to just 24 months. I felt like I had won the lottery, only better than that, because freedom is priceless.
Thank you Guy Brown. I will be back home with my family soon and will always remember what you did for me for the rest of my life.”

Jordan M.
Phoenix, Arizona

“Guy is a believer in second chances and I am thankful for that.”

“I feel like there are not enough words to express how grateful I am God lead me to Guy Brown’s office. The thought that one little mistake could affect the rest of my life was horrifying, but Guy Brown truly sees the good in people and was eagerly willing to help me. He is a believer in giving second chances and I am thankful for that. Thank you so much Guy, for going out of your way to help with my case. It is truly appreciated and not a day will go by that I will not think about what you did for me. I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have done for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Alexis F.
Mesa, Arizona

“Guy took over my brother’s case and proved his innocence.”

“My brother was charged with Conspiracy to Commit Murder and facing 30 plus years in prison. We were fortunate enough to have Guy take over my brother’s case and prove my brother’s innocence. We were very impressed with the attention Guy applied to his case. Guy was always there when we needed him. Guy didn’t hesitate to answer our questions and he was available 24 hours a day. He was also at every court date throughout the process. We are very grateful to have worked with Guy and his legal team. I strongly recommend Guy Brown to anyone for a legal matter. Guy started out as our attorney and also became a friend.”

Alberta G.
Client’s Sister
Phoenix, Arizona

“With Guy’s help, I gained the confidence to make it through this tough time.”

“I was in a real crisis in my life, facing charges that could have ruined my future. But with Guy’s help, knowledge and professionalism, I gained the confidence and security I needed to make it through this tough time. Guy started out as my lawyer and now I consider him my friend. When I go to court I feel protected knowing Guy is by my side. When Guy comes to see me he puts a smile on my face. His staff treats my family and me with respect. I wouldn’t trade our friendship for anything in the world. When this is over, I know I’m still going to have a friend in Guy. Guy saved my life. He will always be in my heart. I will never forget him.”

Hector R.
Phoenix, Arizona

“Guy…believes in his client…. He will NEVER give up on you.”

“Guy is very professional, to the point and not wasting any time, he believes in his client no matter what. No matter how strenuous the case he will NEVER give up on you; he is punctual and always approachable with any problem you may have. I will always remember how he treated me and I am very grateful to have found an attorney with whom I can trust.”

Scottsdale, Arizona

“You believed in me and my case even when I didn’t.”

“You got me through the worst experience of my life. I want you to know how much it means to me how hard you fought to get me a better deal. You saved my life and believed in me and my case even when I didn’t. Thank you.”

Roger R.
Phoenix, Arizona

“Guy is blessed with his talent that the Lord gave him and blessed by the Holy Spirit.”

“My attorney, Guy Brown, was appointed to me, I believe, through the Holy Spirit. After two conflicts of interest with my first two attorneys, I was then assigned to a private attorney. I knew I was blessed when, at our first meeting, Guy shared with me his most prized possession, a laminated Bible verse he kept in his wallet. Guy has the experience you would want as an attorney. However, he also has Jesus Christ as his personal savior. I believe I was truly blessed by the Holy Spirit by having Guy in my corner. He is honest. He is always in court on time, professional, courteous, knowledgeable and blessed. Guy is blessed with his talent that the Lord gave him and blessed by the Holy Spirit. I have better than an attorney-client relationship; I have a brother in Christ.”

Darren C.
Phoenix, Arizona

“…a compassionate attorney who was looking out for my best interest.”

“To those of you who do not know Guy Brown, I speak from personal experience. I walked into his office one day looking for help and I left with a new friend and a compassionate attorney who was looking out for my best interest. I felt that he fought for me like I was part of his family. He treated me with the utmost respect and honesty. At the end of my ordeal I felt that I still had a dear friend in Mr. Brown. Anybody who has Mr. Brown as an attorney, friend or acquaintance is very blessed to have him in their lives. He is definitely a person you want in your life. I appreciate what Mr. Brown has done for me more than he will ever know.”

Joe S.
Phoenix, Arizona

“Guy and his team care about people and that is what I believe makes him so good”

“I was recently cited and was in a state of panic and shock. I got a DUI and did not know what to do. I was very hesitant on calling a lawyer because I felt that they would not help me and would be just after the fees. I knew I needed help and would not be able to get through it on my own.
Every single person that is in need of help during a time like mine should without a doubt, go to Guy Brown. HE CARES. He tells you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. As tough as this time was for me he was always calm and talked to me the way I would assume he would talk to his family. I knew he cared for me as a person and not just a case because the majority of the talk with him was about my life and changing it for the better. I admire him because of the way he treated me and made me feel at ease. Mistakes happen and he spent time making sure I would not make them again. Guy Brown’s professionalism, character, wisdom and confidence will help anyone. He has a heart and that is his biggest weapon in my eyes. He was able to get my DUI reduced to a speeding ticket.”

Nimit V.
Phoenix, Arizona

“You can count on Guy Brown and his team.”

“In the past year and a few months, I have watched this firm take hold of my case and be able to get what was appropriate for me and my future. The work put into my case proved to the court that I needed help to rehabilitate myself more so than incarceration. My super-mitigated outcome was so impressive to me and my family. Mr. Brown and his team have helped me make better choices with positive strides.”

Lori C
Phoenix, Arizona

“Here is someone who is fair and honest and truly cares about the clients.”

“Call me Guy and I will call you Peggy. This is how our interaction began. I had never gone to a lawyer before so this was new to me. I had searched the internet and something drew me to you. I did not know that you were strictly a criminal attorney, and that my case was a civil action. I just dropped into your office, and there you were. What a blessing it became.
I have never put the words “honest and caring” with the word lawyer; yet, I found out with you that it can be true. Here is someone who is fair and honest and truly cares about the clients. Thank you for being professional and caring about my little case as much as the big ones you get. Never put a period where God has put a comma.”

Peggy K.
Scottsdale, Arizona

“You are God’s chosen lawyer! God used you to help me out and place me back on God’s path.”

“I personality wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me. I have never been in this situation before and I was truly scarred, not only for my life but for my well being. I prayed to God to send me someone to help and the next day I received your letter in the mail. God had his hand in all of this way before I was even involved in my situation. God is always moving, shaping and shifting his people with gifts [to work] for his purpose. God used you not only to help me out but also to place me back on God’s path (Amen), as God truly loves us all. God is using you, Guy, to bring God’s children who have strayed (like myself) from his word and his path [back to him]. I praise God for you and may he keep using you with your gifts and with your truthful love for him.”

Michael T.
Mesa, Arizona

“The toughest experience of my life is now over and I thank God he put Guy Brown in my path.”

“Last year I found myself in some trouble for the first time in my life. Losing my ability to work, arrest, potential jail time where very real possibilities. I contacted Guy around 10:00 pm the night of the incident, and to my surprise he answered his cell phone. He told me exactly what to do that night and set up a meeting the next day. I walked into his office feeling scared and hopeless. He was totally calm completely under control. I walked out feeling hopeful!
Over the next few months, Guy continued to be a calm voice for me. Every time we had court I was a nervous wreck, until Guy showed up (always on time) and the nervousness would disappear. Looking back, that was the most important thing that he did for me!! He always made me feel comfortable and he was always telling me it was going to be alright! Recently, the felony charges were dropped and I paid a small fine. Thank you so much Guy for everything you did for me! I will never forget it…”

P. S.
Phoenix, Arizona

“Guy is always professional, punctual, responsible and does not lie — ever!”

“Guy is always professional, punctual, empathetic, and responsible, and what I care about most is character. Guy does not lie. Whether you are charged with a federal or state crime, Guy takes defending you very personal. He does what he says he will do and he gets the job done right the first time.”

John G.
Scottsdale, Arizona

“Your firm came highly recommended by the Attorney General’s Office.”

“Thank you very much for your excellent counsel and guidance in regards to our case. We had no knowledge of any tax problem until we received a registered letter from the Office of the Inspector General. It was apparent that legal counsel would be needed.
Your firm came highly recommended by the Attorney General’s Office. Our first meeting at your office was a relief. You were very patient as we explained our situation. You and your staff brought us confidence that this could be resolved quickly. Thank you for representing us in what could have been a very difficult situation. Your knowledge and professionalism brought this matter to closure. Now we can go on with our lives. God bless you and all your staff. You all have been a blessing to us in this matter.”

Mike and Irene M.
Peoria, Arizona

“You did an excellent job of keeping my son out of prison.”

“I would like to thank you for the excellent job you did defending my son, and keeping him out of prison. You managed to pull together a great team to help you with the process. You were also there to answer my questions and give advice. My son and I are very grateful.”

Client’s Mother
Phoenix, Arizona

“Mr. Brown will give it his all and then some…”

“Before I hired Mr. Brown to defend my son on a murder charge, I prayed for the Lord to put a good defense lawyer in my path. So many lawyers just want a pretty penny and don’t really give you what you pay for. It’s hard with today’s economy, but as parents you want the best for your kids. I met with a couple of different lawyers and none seemed to give me a sense of security or a feeling that my son would be given the best possible defense. The first day I met Mr. Brown, there was a connection. Not only did I find a great defense lawyer, I know my son will be given the best possible defense now. This has taken so much stress out of my life.”

Margie R.
Client’s Mother
Phoenix, Arizona

“…not enough words to express my gratitude.”

“Mr. Brown came to see me the same day we called him. I knew within the first 5 minutes that he was the right lawyer for my case. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable with my case and he showed excellent communication with me and inside the court room. Mr. Brown is very professional, charismatic, organized, and just a privilege to have him in your corner.”

Kevin M.
Phoenix, Arizona

“You made a big impression on my family and me.”

“You are very understanding in every way and compassionate in a professional way. Once again, thank you so much for being so willing to do as much as you could to help my husband.”

Maria M.
Client’s wife
Phoenix, Arizona

“Your kindness and support helped my family through our darkest days.”

“At first I was in shock and disbelief that my child was anyway involved in drugs or alcohol. As it became clearer to me the consequences that he would be facing, I was in an unbelievable despair. I thank God everyday that we sought legal counsel and reached out to you. You always were open and honest to me about the situation. Prior to the hearing with the school board, you were calm and discussed your approach for this critical meeting.
The calmness you displayed made it easy for me to follow your guidance and place the future of my child in your hands. You spoke with compassion as though my son was your son. I know that any client of yours can expect a caring individual to use all of his skills to provide the best outcome of a dire situation. I know that this is not all behind us and we still have criminal and other consequences to address. With your continued professional skills we can save my son and my family from the worst decision he has made in his life.”

Peggy D.
Chandler, Arizona

“…earnest and passionate in his belief about the defendant…”

“The state can also not remember a case where a defense attorney has been so earnest and passionate in his belief about the defendant as being someone who has totally turned his life around.”

Ethan Wolfinger
Deputy Yavapai County Attorney
Prescott, Arizona

“Guy’s abilities continue to amaze and exceed expectations.”

“No matter what surfaces, Guy is there to help. He is supportive and offers good advice. Guy’s spiritual flair to his legal work is unique, but effective. I saw his clients make positive changes in their lives, which I believe resulted in more positive outcomes for their cases. Guy’s abilities continue to amaze and exceed expectations. For example, Guy’s superior performance with probation cases over several years resulted in a perfect record of probation reinstatement with no other consequences for his clients.”

Rick Poster
Attorney at Law
Glendale, Arizona

“Guy is memorable because of the impact he makes on people’s lives.”

“I remember well meeting Guy Brown the first time. He had recently moved to Raleigh, N.C., where his family had already relocated, and he walked into our church one Sunday morning. He was easily recognizable because of his basketball-player height and his smoothly shaven head like Kojak. But in talking with him after the worship service, two other traits made an immediate impact. One was his quick-witted humor. The second was the way he looked me in the eye and expressed his honest evaluation of the sermon.
That was the beginning of a relationship that would be unlike any other that I have. In addition to being funny and direct, he is also supportive and encouraging. Now that he lives in Phoenix, even my phone conversations with him are ones that God uses to support and encourage me in life and ministry.
The reason is because Guy is a man of deep faith. It didn’t take me long to see that Guy uses those traits of humor, directness and encouragement to be the person God is calling him to be. Guy’s faith is real. It’s not just for Sunday morning. In my work with people, Guy is one of the handful who actually allows his work to be an extension of his faith. Guy cares about people because he knows God cares about them, too. Guy is passionate about his work because he sees it as a ministry. Guy wants what is best for people he serves because he knows that is what unconditional love means.”

Jimmy Allen
Raleigh, North Carolina

“He refused to give up when my case got difficult”

“I knew Guy before I ever needed his services. I knew him to be passionate, dedicated and full of integrity. Here is an example of his integrity: One day Guy came to see me in the jail and I asked him if he was going to try hard on my case because he knew me. He told me no, he wasn’t. He said he treats all clients the same and that he gives his all to each and every person he works for. He told me I was no different than any other client. He showed me his integrity with that answer. He is a man of his word and refused to give up when my case got difficult. He showed his dedication to my case by getting better results than we had thought. Guy Brown saved my life, and if you want a chance to get your life back, then hire Guy Brown.”

Phoenix, Arizona